Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me?

At Sage Lending Solutions, we conduct a detailed analysis of your situation, taking into account your current circumstances as well as your future goals.

  1. We perform a detailed analysis to match you with the lender and the loan product to meet your needs. As part of this a written quote is provided to so you understand all of the fees, charges, interest rates and what the actual repayments will be.
  2. We assemble your loan application and submit it to the chosen lender.
  3. Throughout the approval process the application is constantly monitored to ensure the process is smooth and successful. If any issues do arise, we do anything and everything necessary to reach a successful settlement.
  4. After settlement we maintain contact with you to ensure that everything is operating as expected.
  5. On an ongoing basis, you will also receive our various newsletters, market updates and we also perform periodic reviews of your home loan to ensure it remains the most appropriate loan for you on an ongoing basis.

What do you do differently?

We have two major differences from other brokers and lenders:

  1. We guarantee our commitments to you. If we don't contact you to keep you informed at pre arranged intervals, we will pay $100. Check our service guarantee for more details.
  2. We specialise in structuring finance to suit the needs of investors. Whether you are purchasing your first property or your tenth, we can help to ensure you have the appropriate structures and plans in place to ensure you can meet your goals.

Are you independent of the banks?

We deal directly with many lenders but work for none of them. Our mission is to offer the best solution to your needs, regardless of which lender we're dealing with.

Are the loans you offer the same as the banks?

The loans are the same, with the same interest rates, fees and charges. Not only can we match any offer the banks make, because of our variety of lenders, we can often negotiate an even better loan than what the banks will offer.

What do your services cost?

Nothing at all! We are paid exclusively by our panel of lenders. Furthermore, we disclose to you how each of our lenders remunerates us.

It costs you absolutely nothing in terms of rates or fees if you apply directly with a lender or through us. The difference is we have access to a wider range of more competitive products. Chances are we will save you money over the banks.

How much deposit do I need?

The more deposit you have the lower your purchasing costs will be, but we have helped many clients with little or no deposit at all to purchase houses. If you're a first home buyer, with the help of the first home owners grant you may almost no deposit to purchase a property.

I don't think I'm ready to buy a house, but I'd like to know how to go about it.

We're always happy to meet with you to discuss your goals, answer any questions and develop a plan to help you purchase a property. Many clients are quite surprised by how easy it is for them to purchase a property in the near future.

I'm interstate, can you still help me?

Ideally we will come to see you, but if we can't we can refer you to one of our many team members around Australia. Much of the work can also be done over the telephone and via fax or email.

Does my information stay private?

Absolutely. We understand how important your privacy is. We only use your personal information to help you get the loan and to keep in touch with you as part of our customer care program Your personal information is kept either safely under lock and key, or is secured digitally in encrypted storage. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

How much can I borrow?

As everybody's circumstances are different, it's difficult accurately determine this via a web site. The best approach is to contact us so we can accurately assess your position and borrowing capacity.

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